Metabolic Testing for Weight Loss



Weight loss is a huge industry with a plethora of conflicting, confusing and downright incorrect information. Women in particular quite often fall victim to fad diets that make claims of fast weight loss but are difficult to maintain and in the end only lead to water and muscle loss. Fad diet after fad diet we lose more MUSCLE, put on more FAT, stressing out our body and killing our Metabolism. It's about time that everyone learnt the science of Fat Loss!


Every single body is different and responds differently to changes in diet & exercise regimes. The assumption that you and every other person following the Paleo, Atkins or 12 week Bikini Challenge diet require the same food intake, based on a mathematical equation, is shortsighted. To have any chance of meeting your weight loss goals and maintaining them for life, it is so important that you first know what YOUR BODY needs.


The MetaCheck Metabolic Analysis System uses a non-invasive 10 minute Breath Test to determine your Resting Metabolic Rate which then allows us to determine your ideal calorie intake to ensure you are burning fat. We can do one test and send you on your way with your new Target Calorie Zones or you can book a Platinum Test let us guide you through the weight loss process with diet recommendations, food cards and info about the actual calorie content in the foods you eat. As our body composition changes so does our Metabolic Rate so we recommend re-testing as your weight loss plateaus (10kg's or so lost).




A technology which was once only available to athletes is coming to FTC!

Bookings are open to Members & Non-Members of FTC studio through the company Body Metrix. This appointment will provide you with a detailed print out of your measured RMR and Target calorie zones.


These tests are most accurate when done in the morning when you are fasted so we do run appointments early in the day. 

If you are unable to do a morning appointment a minimum of 4 hours fasting is sufficient but may effect your test results.

The use of stimulants such as caffeine, guarana, illicit drugs and alcohol can affect results and should be avoided the day of your test. Intense exercise within 12 hours of this test can affect results.

We'll ask you to consider these points when choosing a booking time for your test.

PLEASE NOTE: This breath test may not be suitable for those with respiratory conditions or people who stuggle to breathe only through their mouth (it is a 10-minute breath test much like breathing through a snorkel).