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Moroccan Sweet Chilli Beef Bowl

Prep Time:

15-20 Mins

Cook Time:


Serves 1-2



449 Calories

31g Protein

13g Fat

52g Carbs


100g Lean Beef Mince

100g Four Seasons Coleslaw mix

125g Microwave Jasmine Rice

20g Masterfoods Moroccan Base

5g Garlic (crushed)

20ml Light Sweet Chilli Ayam - found at select coles supermarket but you could just add another 40-50 Calories for a full sugar sweet chilli sauce.

20ml 99% Fat Free Mayo

15g Extra Sharp Parmesan Cheese


1. Begin by browning off the mince in a hot non stick pan while you microwave the rice.

2. Add Moroccan base as well as garlic paste and mix through.

3. Add coleslaw mix, stir through and reduce the heat.

4. In a small bowl mix sweet chilli, mayo and 20ml of water together.

5. Add 125g rice back to pan mix ting through mince and coleslaw till combine.

6. Serve in a bowl topping with parmesan cheese so it melts, then finishing with the sweet chilli & mayo dressings.

7. Season with salt and pepper

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