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Adelaide Nutrition 

Meet Mattea from Adelaide Nutrition.  She has completed a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as her Masters in Public Health (Public Health Nutrition) and a Sports Nutrition Course.

Mattea is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with 10 years experience and has been supporting us in the studio since 2022 with consultations for our Members as well as working with our Challenge Group Participants.

Mattea is a Triathlete and has Coeliac Disease which are areas of Nutrition at the forefront in her day to day life.  She overcame an eating disorder and body image issues in her teen years and now aims to help women learn to nourish their bodies, let go of the number on the scale, stop restricting and binging, stop FAD dieting and stop counting calories. 

Mattea specialises in Holistic Health, Non- Diet Approach, Weight Neutral Care, Sport Nutrition, Gut Health and Eating Disorders.

She is passionate about helping clients achieve sustainable change, improving eating habits and healing their relationship with food.

Her mission is to arm you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to manage your own nutrition for the rest of your life. It's learning about food, connecting with, trusting and respecting your body and its ever-changing needs. It's about (re)discovering a love of food, and making food choices based on a sense of freedom, not restriction, deprivation and fear.

Mattea is available for consultations which can be arranged through our studio.  Contact us for more information on availability with days and times.

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