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Throughout the Challenge to get the best results it is of course important to watch what you are eating.  

But sometimes minutely tracking everything you eat can be a little too time consuming and overwhelming. We've created Green, Yellow and Red Food Lists and to keep things simple you need to choose predominantly from the Green List.   Often we find that we are not eating enough.  From your scan results we were able to give you a guide of what your daily calorie intake should look like.  For the first couple of weeks of the Challenge you may choose to track your daily intake.  It may help to weigh and  measure your food to help educate you on what a regular day looks like.   Maybe consider using the MyFitnessPal APP.  If you would like more information or guidance let us know.   We have also created a basic guide of food serving sizes for some of your green and yellow foods that you can refer to below!

Meal Ideas .png
Food Serving Sizes .png
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